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badassBox Typ3.4 Bosch

The badassBox Type3.4 Bosch is compatible with all
Bosch mid-mounted motors of the Classic, Classic+, Active Line,
Performance Line and Performance Line CX versions as per 04.2016.


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This is how the badassBox works:

The badassBox reduces the speed of the motor system by half from a speed of approx. 19km/h (depending on the circumference of the wheel). It makes no difference to the motor whether it performs at full power in the lowest or highest gear. The badassBox does not affect the maximum performance. The drive limit for Pedelecs is moved to over 50km/h.

The badassBox is powered by photo battery cells (type CR2) enabling it to perform over approx. 6000 km or one year (discharged battery) thanks to low power technology. As the signal transmission takes place without an electrical contact (contactless chip tuning) electrical damage is physically impossible. A microprocessor switches on and off automatically. The battery is replaced simply by opening the base of the housing.

Sound and reliable

The badassBox Typ3.4 is the fourth generation since the successful introduction of the Typ3 in 2013 - and it has been continually improved since then: The housing has been strengthened, the electronics enhanced and the firmware has been adapted to the current motors of a variety of manufacturers. The current badassBox Typ3.4 is now also splash proof and less sensitive to vibrations and bumps. These are only a few of many improvements that make the badassBox very reliable.

The badassBox is a quality product - every single device is inspected many times during production. Attention: The badassBox is only guaranteed to be genuine only with the seal on the base of the housing!

Not satisfied? Get your money back!

We want you to be satisfied with the badassBox. At all times. Should this not be the case then please send us an eMail to or make use of our service form in the menu. We normally solve the problem on the same day.

All spare parts from the Typ3.3 model onwards are held in stock to ensure that you enjoy our product for a long time. However, should you be dissatisfied with the badassBox within the first 3 months of the purchase then we will reimburse you the purchase price. Immediately and no questions asked.


  • Mount the badassBox via the speed sensor.
  • Secure the badassBox using the O-ring at the sensor.
  • Exchange the cross slot screw at the magnet with the clamping screw enclosed when used for the first time. - For future use you won’t need tools to relocate the magnet!
  • Relocate magnet, (see video) unchanged since Typ3.3. - Unscrew - relocate - screw together. Done.


  • Release the badassBox O-ring.
  • Remove the badassBox.
  • Relocate magnet to the original position.

Technical data:

Length:52 mm
Height: 42 mm
Width: 21 mm
Weight: 32 g incl. battery
Special feature: splash proof battery case, coated electronics. Also works under water.

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